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Thankyou Hand Wash Special

Help to end global poverty just by buying everyday essentials.

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Pacvac Special - Back By Popular Demand

FREE Service Kit with every Electric or Battery Superpro 700 purchased.

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The Secret of Bonastre Pads - Just Add Water!

Discover how easy it is to rejuvenate worn floors back to mirror like finishes, and only with water.

Tornado ACS 36 Graffiti Removal System

The patented mobile negative pressure jet blasting system of the Tornado ACS 36 is perfect
for removing graffiti as well as eco-friendly cleaning of floors and facades.

Ecogum - Portable eco-friendly solution
to remove chewing gum with ease

No need for high pressure hoses, unfriendly chemicals or oversprays, Ecogum machines
are ideal for working in busy populated areas.

EGO Power that will blow you away

Combining the industry's most advanced lithium-ion 56V battery, fastest charger on
the market and a turbo boost mode of up to 1020 cubic meters of airflow per hour,
the EGO range of battery powered blowers really pack a punch.